* These Prices may fluctuate based on market conditions and are therefore indicative and may change. The current/correct price will be shown when placing your order. 

Our Legendary Lamb from the Karoo

Full Lamb (approx 18kg) cut & packed to your specifications

Full & Half Lambs

Full lamb approx 18kg
Half Lamb approx 9kg

@ R142 / kg

lamb loin chops

Rib/Loin Chops

@ R190 / kg

lamb ribs

Whole Ribbetjie

@ R160 / kg


Lamb Shanks

@ R160 / kg


Leg of Lamb

@ R175 / kg


Shoulder of Lamb

@ R180 / kg


Lamb Stew Meat

@ R155 / kg



@ R130 / kg

Pork Products

Pork Belly

Pork Belly Roast

What is better than delicious crispy crackling on a Pork Roast?

2kg Roast @ R200


Pork Chops

A real South African budget friendly favourite!

@ R90 / kg


Pork Sausage

Great value - delicious pork bangers, just add mustard.

@ R90 / kg

Beef Products

Lean Beef Mince (per 1 kg) - packed as 2 x 500g packs

Lean Beef Mince

@ R125 / kg

Beef Biltong - 450g sliced pack. Excellent Quality and Taste!!

Beef Biltong

450g Sliced Pack

@ R150 / 450g 

Oxtail (trimmed of excess fat) - packed in 1kg vacuum packs

Oxtail (trimmed)

1kg Pack

@ R140 / kg 

rump steak

Rump Steak

Thick cut (3cm)

@ R185 / kg

Boerewors (per 1kg) - Farm-style coriander flavour - best in town!


@ R115 / kg

Local Free-Range Chicken

Fresh Whole Free Range Chicken approx 1,25kg per chicken

Full Free-Range Chicken

approx 1,4kg

@ R115 per Chicken

Chicken Prego's - hot sauce, sold in 1kg vacuum packs

Chicken Prego BBQ or Peri-Peri

@ R95 / kg

chicken breasts

Chicken Breast

Skin on, Bone In

@ R75 / kg

chicken fillet

Chicken Fillet

No Skin, No Bone

@ R90 / kg