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How to place your order

This video will take you on a quick tour and show you exactly how to place your order.

The full, step by step process is detailed below.


Login or Register before you can place your order

It's quick and simple, but we do need some basic info from you.

Now select the Product Category on the Left and the Products in the Right

Now select the Products you want on the Right. Change the quantity if required and click the "Add to Cart" button.  You will receive a "Product Added" confirmation and see a number appear in your cart (top right), showing the number of items in your cart. When you have finished adding your products, click the "Check Out" link below the Products.

This takes you to your 'Cart' where you can edit and change the number and items selected.  Click "Next" to continue when you are happy to proceed with your order.

If you have ordered a half or full lamb, now tell us how you want it cut up.

Select how you would like your lamb cut up - our most popular cuts are in the drop-down box, or select "other" and tell us exactly how you want it.  Also select pre-packaging here by ticking the box if you would like your lamb to be pre-packed. Then let us know how many chops (or items) you want in each pack.

Will you Collect or do you want us to Deliver?

Next you will confirm either collection or delivery of your order.

We offer a limited delivery service into selected areas at a nominal fee. It works as follows:

  • The delivery fee will be R75 per delivery with the N1 – Northumberland – Witkoppen, N3 and M2 “circle” – previously called the R50 Delivery Zone.
  • A R100 delivery fee will be charged for all deliveries within approx 10km of this circle and previously called the R75 Delivery Zone as on the map below.
  • For any order of R3 000 or more within the R50 delivery zone, the delivery will be FREE.
  • All other deliveries outside of these Zones will be discussed and quoted for on request.

Finally, confirm and place your order by clicking "Finish" - and that's it, really easy and all done!

new map 2021

When do you need to pay?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email from us, this may take a little while as a human needs to check the details - you can double check your order from the link in this email.  We will provide our bank details and you will then need to make your payment via EFT.
Thank you.

What happens next?

Assuming that all has gone according to plan, the order will arrive on the due date (don't worry we will send you a reminder) and you will receive your order.

Please note that the lamb weight on the order is estimated and after we receive the actual weight (which could be after your delivery) we will reconcile your account based on the actual lamb weight supplied or any products not supplied. Any over payment on your part will be credited to your account and held until your next order (or we will refund you if you choose). Any shortfall due to a heavier lamb will be applied to your account as an amount still owing.

And that's it - all that is left is for you to enjoy the amazing food that you have bought!

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