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Please note: These are the previous month’s prices and are subject to change.

Full & Half Lambs

Full Lamb (±18kg) = R128 per kg
Half Lamb (±9kg) = R128 per kg

Other Lamb cuts (limited availability)

Rib/Loin Chops - R170 per kg
Whole Ribbetjie (±1.35kg) - R145 per kg
Lamb shanks (±400g) - R145 per kg
Leg of lamb (±2kg) - R160 per kg
Shoulder of lamb (±1.5kg) - R165per kg
Lamb Stew meat - R140 per kg
Skaapwors - R125 per kg

Beef Products

Boerewors - R95 per kg
Burger Patties  Packed as 2 x (4 x 100g) patties - R80 per 800g
Lean Beef Mince -R95 per kg

Beef Biltong - 450g sliced pack = R140 per 450 g
Oxtail (trimmed) - R135 per kg
Rump Steak (thick cut 3cm) - R159 per kg

Pork Spare Ribs

Pork Spare Ribs  - R140 per kg

Local Free-Range Chicken

Full Free-Range chicken (approx 1,4 kg) = R75 per chicken
Chicken Prego BBQ or Hot sauce - R85 per kg
Chicken Breast: skin on, bone in (per 1kg pack) - R52 per kg
Chicken Fillet: no skin, no bone (per 1 kg pack) - R75 per kg [av_catalogue_item title='

Karoo Chickens (Whole Free-Range Farm Chicken from Beaufort West)

Full Chicken (approx 1,8 kg) = R115  per chicken
Braai Pack (approx 1,8 - 2kg) = R125 per pack
4 X 4 (4 Thighs, 4 Drumsticks) - R75 per kg
Chicken Fillet (no skin, no bone) - R85 per kg